Bryan Greene
Survival Equipment Specialists

I came to the Army right out of high school. My father was iin the Army and I always knew that I’d join. I thought that the military would provide a good foundation for me. I went to boot camp at Fort Knox... Read More

Casondra Brewster
Broadcast Journalists and Newswriter

I had a college scholarship for an associate’s degree in journalism at Casper College in Wyoming. I wanted to continue my studies in journalism, but could not afford it. I was getting antsy to really do something. The Army was always in the back ... Read More

Dwayne Robinson
Food Service Specialist

I joined the Navy right after high school to travel and to learn a trade. After spending part of my first tour as a seaman apprentice working in the mess hall, I discovered that cooking was what I wanted to do. My first assignment was on the USS ... Read More

Ofman Gomez

When I was five, I came to the United States from Venezuela. I enlisted at the age of 29 which is considered a late age due to the hard physical training required. However, I was motivated to do something to help after the ... Read More


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Physical Therapist

Physical and Occupational Therapy Specialists

Job Family: Health Care Practitioners

Physical and occupational therapy consists of treatment and exercise for patients disabled by illness or injury. Physical and occupational therapy specialists assist in administering treatment aimed…

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