Job Family: Engineering and Scientific Research Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Services Offering this Occupation
Army  | Navy  | Air Force  | Marine Corps  | Coast Guard

Supplemental Information
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Photo 1: Electrical engineer programs flight simulator. Photo 2:
Engineer works in control room.

Derek Herron
Occupation: Developmental Engineer

My military career path started off a little differently than most. I didn’t have family who had been in the military, and I grew up i…

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Short Description
Equipment such as radar, missile guidance systems, and communication equipment depends on advanced electronics. Electrical and electronics engineers design, develop, and test electrical and electronic equipment. They also direct equipment installation and repair.

What They Do
Electrical and electronics engineers in the military perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Develop information operations weapons systems
  • Direct research to improve and develop computer, navigation, and other electronic systems
  • Direct equipment installation and repair
  • Develop test standards and operating instructions for electrical and electronic systems
  • Design and develop test instruments
  • Test new or modified equipment to check its performance and reliability
  • Review test data, report results, and recommend actions

Helpful Attributes
Helpful attributes include:
  • Interest in engineering concepts and principles
  • Interest in planning and directing research projects
  • Interest in working with mathematical formulas

Training Provided
Initial training is usually provided on the job. Classroom training is provided for some specialties in this occupation. Course content typically includes:
  • Combat and tactical systems and networks
  • Weapon system electronics

Work Environment
Electrical and electronics engineers usually work in offices while planning research studies and designing electronic systems. They may work outdoors when overseeing the installation of new equipment.

Civilian Counterparts
Civilian electrical and electronics engineers work for manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment. Many work for government agencies, public utilities, and engineering firms. Civilian electrical and electronics engineers perform duties similar to those performed in the military. However, they usually specialize in product areas, such as computers, communications, or aerospace systems. They may also be called electronics design engineers and electronics test engineers.

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